Dearest Mother Nature

By: Peggy Willms


(3 min. read)

“Dearest Mother Nature,

I am sorry to hurt your feelings here, but you are bipolar.

Momma, where did the days go when you created a lovely climate balance? The days when you slowly shape-shifted or pivoted? You know, a few days of drizzle followed by a few days of the mid-80s? A few days just warm enough to see the ice melt a little on the skating rink to a few days of luscious snowfall, allowing Santa to land his sleigh without ripping the shingles off the roof. Where are the days with perfectly filled rivers allowing for a robust day of fishing instead of the massive street floods in one of our busiest cities?

Where are those gently swaying weather days? We never needed five weather channels.

I don’t need to give you a science lecture here. You are the science teacher. I get it. You are trying to wake up poor-listening humans. When will the masses wake up and pay attention to how we treat the land you gave us to play on? We would rather sit around arguing on Capitol Hill that the weather isn’t changing at all. We are so dumb sometimes, aren’t we? #shockednotshocked.

Earth, the playground you gave us, is hotter than ever, causing more evaporation and drying out the soil. ‘Since the beginning of the century, precipitation in the United States has increased by about six percent, while the frequency of intense precipitation events (heavy downpours of more than two inches per day) has increased by 20 percent. Such events can cause flooding, soil erosion, and even loss of life.’[1]

The polarity swings from drastically melting ice caps to intense Category 5 hurricanes to the blazing fires of Maui; you are not messing around. PS: I am leaving conspiracy theories out of this conversation, Momma.

Even your sons, Heat and Snow Miser, can’t get along amicably. They go from burning to freezing and back to burning, then freezing. Is this where it started? I think you should have named them Drizzle and Flurry.

We have had the driest summer in my neck of the woods in a long time, but we were just recovering from eight-foot waves from a hurricane one year ago. Last week, I was watering my plants and trees twice a day because we had heat indexes in the 100s, and this week, I have moved my plants twice a day. Why, you ask? Once I get them out of the rain because they are saturated, and then later in the afternoon, I move them back into the sun to dry them out. I am on repeat for week two.

Your mothering style is not much different than human mothering. I see what you are doing. We give our kiddos a car and then ground them a day later for not cleaning their room. Pendulum saaawing! Parenting isn’t easy. I get it.

We are not listening, are we? We do not respect our playground, so you are taking away our option to play. We are grounded. Punished. Forced to think about the bad little girls and boys we have been. 

You are right. Until we slow down and even distinguish some of our disgusting habits, I will continue to dance with flower pots.

I cannot imagine what my great, great-grandchildren will experience. I hope you will someday be able to rest, take a long nap, and not worry about teaching us lessons. Meanwhile, can I beg you to slow down our rain a tad? Even the animals are whacking out. Four ducks tried to swim on our lawn yesterday because they thought it was a new, private lake, a baby alligator is unsure of his expanding surroundings, and my Flasher cannot jump up into his tree because the trunk is buried in water.

I love you. I trust you. Gotta go, our newly laid rock is sliding into the street.

Your crazy daughter,



Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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