Embracing Parenthood: Rediscovering Yourself Along the Journey

By: Alysia Lyons


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Life has a way of surprising us, taking us down paths we never expected to travel. When I was just 16, I made a resolute decision: I never wanted to have children. For the better part of my teenage years, I had eagerly accepted every babysitting gig and church camp counseling opportunity that came my way. But as I reached the age of 16, I was utterly burned out. Caring for children had left me yearning for freedom, and I was determined to live life on my terms.

For the next 10 years, I reveled in the freedom I had always craved. I could go wherever I pleased, whenever I pleased, and do whatever my heart desired, as long as it fit within my financial means. It was a liberating experience, and I cherished every moment of it.

Then, love entered my life, and my biological clock began to tick louder with each passing day. Three years later, I welcomed my amazing son, Zander, into the world. His arrival brought an indescribable joy into my life, one that I had never imagined possible. The freedoms I had willingly given up were seldom a thought in my mind as I marveled at the new adventure of motherhood.

However, life took an unexpected turn when I got divorced, and my son’s dad moved to another state. Suddenly, the freedom I had lost became all-consuming. I found myself trapped in what I called the “pit of despair,” and it felt like I might never escape its depths. For years, I struggled to find my way back to the light.

It was a slow and arduous journey, but I eventually clawed my way out of that pit. I did so by shifting my focus from my tribulations to my blessings. As I pulled myself up, I started to notice other moms who were still stuck in their own pits of despair, longing for the freedom they once had in their earlier years.

Parenthood is undeniably challenging, but it is also profoundly rewarding. What I want to share with you, fellow moms, is that it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your identity. That vivacious, ambitious, and energetic person you were in your twenties? She’s still very much a part of you, the essence that makes you who you are.

Embracing parenthood is not about letting go of your core self; it’s an opportunity to evolve and discover a new version of yourself. You can be a parent and still be the silly, fun, and loud person you’ve always been. It’s not an accident; it’s a conscious choice.

Parenthood can give you a profound sense of purpose and boundless joy, but it also requires you to nurture your own happiness. I’m living proof that it’s possible. My mission is clear: I want to help you rediscover that vibrant, youthful spirit within you. I want to guide you through the challenges of parenthood while helping you hold on to the essence of who you are.

Parenthood doesn’t have to mark the end of your fun-loving, adventurous self. Instead, it’s an opportunity to grow, evolve, and find new depths of purpose and joy. As you embark on this incredible journey, remember that the 20-year-old you are still very much alive, waiting to be rediscovered. Together, we’ll embrace parenthood without losing you, and we’ll navigate the twists and turns of this adventure with joy and resilience. Parenthood is a chapter in your life, not the end of your story.

Alysia Lyons
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