The Essence of Your Offering

August Energetic Forecast

By: Lara Scriba


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My kids came home after a long day at the beach surfing, jumping waves, collecting shells, and playing football with friends, heads full of sand, cheeks flushed from a day in the sun. Once they rinsed off, bodies clean and fresh, they happily collapsed onto the couch, pulling their fuzzy blanket up to their chin and settled into a good book.

It reminded me of July’s playful energy, allowing us to dive head-first into our desires, creativity, and playfulness. Noticing as we are evolving, new things that may be pulling at our heartstrings or sparking a sense of creativity. Dabbling in all the bits of fun, so much so you need a day to rest in between. Exhilarating and exhausting, all at the same time.

Comin’ in hot as we slide into August, our hearts may be on fire, but our body and soul may need a bit of a rest. 

The six energy of August, however, invites us to come home, nestle in, and recharge. To integrate the experiences that we’ve been having, notice the new places where our attention is being drawn toward, and let go of what seems to be dragging us down.

As we evolve, there is a process of re-evaluation of our goals, dreams, and desires. Clarifying what exactly we are working towards. A time to find your center and step into alignment with the most current version of ourselves. It is a sense of coming home, a place where there is no striving, judgment, or comparison, simply comfort, ease, and a big exhale. 

A time to create a sense of balance and harmony within our own being and within our surroundings. So whether in your own body, your relationships, conversations (especially your internal monologue), interactions, or activities, truly notice what it is that brings you a sense of ease and peace—nestling into a sense of softness and support, where you feel seen and held.

We are constantly evolving in life, navigating transitions, trials, and tribulations. But to embody the lessons we learn, we need to process and integrate those lessons by moving through the world in a different way. 

The act of recalibrating requires a keen eye for detail, noticing what brings you out of alignment, and releasing those things. This is hard work, which is why we need the balance of creating a nest for ourselves this month. A soft place to land, restore and replenish our reserves as we prepare to level up.

One of the students in my class shared a quote from one of her favorite teachers, “Your emotions are your offering.” This really hit me. To me, this reads as energy in motion; in other words, my energy is my offering to the world. Most importantly, those closest to me. 

So ask yourself, what do you want your offering to yourself and to the world to look like?

What emotional experience are you predominantly having? Gratitude, anxiety, joy, sadness?

How does that color the relationship you have with yourself or others? How does it color the experiences you have in the world?

Are their beliefs or conversations that need to shift in order for you to reach the energetic frequency you desire? Where can you let your wisdom and intuition lead the way? Where can you offer forgiveness and compassion?

Release the need to control the narrative and allow consciousness to flow through you. Invite in both sides of the story so that any conclusions you come to are based on the full picture rather than a scripted scenario that supports a past agenda. 

There is deep wisdom in the shadow side of ourselves; allow yourself to connect with all parts of your being. Pause, release judgment, witness, and listen with an open heart. You know the answers to all of your deepest questions if you can allow yourself to quiet and connect. 

We can fall in love with ourselves unconditionally when we accept both the shadow and the light, valuing all parts of ourselves, integrating and embodying the elements that light us up, recalibrating and releasing what no longer aligns after each lesson learned. 

The act of conscious integration offers the opportunity to experience gratitude, one of the most magical frequencies we can align with.

By embracing gratitude, we are able to release the distractions that hold our hearts hostage—freeing space for us to build deeper levels of intimacy with ourselves and those around us.

Notice, where do you feel abundant and expansive? That all things are possible. That you are supported and resourced in such a way that allows the idea of your vision coming to fruition to be simply a matter of time. 

How can you experience abundance, not through gripping and grinding, but through release, reflection, and allowing? A softening into what always was and always will be, the pure and beautiful essence of you.

It’s time to come home, dear one. To a place where you are unconditionally loved, supported, and appreciated… by you. You are nestling into the sanctuary you have carefully crafted, where the walls of your heart are adorned with the creative reflections of your soul’s desires.

Allowing the essence of your offering to shine forth like a beacon, encouraging others that they, too, have their own beauty to share with the world. Energies collide like a big warm embrace.


Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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