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By: Joe DiMeo


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Welcome to Joe Talk, where I will talk about everything from my dog to cars to sports to – who knows.

In the process of writing my autobiography, I decided to get my feet wet a bit and begin blogging. It might sound easy to write down your thoughts, but for me, writing and typing do not come as easy as they used to.

My name is Joseph R. DiMeo, and I am the world’s first successful face and double-hand transplant recipient. In 2018, at the age of 20, I fell asleep at the wheel coming home from work and nearly died in a horrible car accident. R&B legend Ted Wizard Mills, the original lead singer of the group Black Magic, pulled me from the car, ultimately saving my life.

The accident left me with 3rd degree burns over 80% of my body. I spent 3.5 months in a coma.

There was only a 6% chance of a match, but I got one from an anonymous 48-year-old man who died of a stroke. It took a 140-person medical team 23 hours to complete my initial transplant surgery. I have had over 20 surgeries and continue to focus on my therapy. It takes a lot of patience and determination. 

But I do not want to be known as a tragedy. I am more than my physical body. I am Joe, but in a different skin. I am not interested in focusing on the negative aspects of my experience. Yes, I have days that are better than others, but I am motivated to help others find the positive side of their struggles, so that keeps me going. It is probably obvious that I am a strong supporter of organ, blood, and tissue donation.

As I said, I am in the process of writing my book, and I am honored to say I am writing the foreword to a book called Wellness G.P.S. (Getting Prepared for Success), which is co-authored by Peggy Willms and Dr. Markus Wettstein. The book comes out in 2024.

I live in New Jersey with my girlfriend and our Boston Terrier dogs, Kirkland and Buster.

Welcome to Joe Talk.

Joe DiMeo
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