The Freedom of Embracing Your Desires—July Energetic Forecast 

By: Lara Scriba

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Ahh, we made it to July!  I don’t know about you, but June was taxing. My husband summed it up one afternoon, letting out a long exasperated sigh, “I’m really tired of adulting.”

We have been consumed with planning, processes, paperwork, logistics, spreadsheets, and setting systems into place as we traveled back to the U.S. after living in Mexico for nine months.  Both of us are immersing ourselves in the logistics necessary to allow us freedom later this fall to sail back down to Mexico.

You may relate as you prepared for the summer months and felt the shift in priorities. Getting all your ducks in a row, simplifying, and streamlining systems (signing kids up for camps, arranging transportation or childcare, requesting days off, booking flights, planning vacations, meal planning, etc.) all in the name of fun you hope to have… LATER. It can feel like a bit of a slog, but it’s oh-so worth it when you finally get that taste of freedom.

As we enter the month of July, we embrace a much more playful and light energy. The hard work we put in in June will finally pay off. The focus needed to clarify priorities and build the foundations to support those desires are in place, and now it’s time to play and explore!

July embodies the energy of playful curiosity, impermanence, exploration, innovation, doing things differently, expressing your wisdom, and embracing your inner guide.

The Full Moon on the 3rd invites you to take up space, to truly illuminate in a way that reflects the fullness of who you truly are. Establish boundaries and become the master of your own domain through the deep connection and expression of joy, abundance, and love you feel deep in your heart.

Lean in and truly understand the values that are most important to you and articulate that clearly to yourself and others through heartfelt expression. 

This is no time for lip service. It’s time to splash in the puddles and get dirty!

Get out there and play; you never know what will resonate until you TRY IT. Dream of embracing the artist within, pull out those paints, and call a few friends to join you. Take that dance class and FEEL the beat of the rhythm in your bones. Take a risk and try something new. No need for a yearly membership or long-term commitments, just pop in and out and see what you think. It’s time to do things differently, to learn through experience, and embody the energy we wish to embrace.

To have the life you are living and match your soul’s calling, you must explore and take action. As daunting as this may seem, it’s a month to play, try things on, and see what fits and what doesn’t There are no mistakes, just a gathering of information.

Clarity comes from taking action. Imperfection creates character.

Knowing you can always pivot, shift, or move in a different direction at any time will allow you a sense of freedom and play until you find that sense of resonance, expansiveness, and access to the unique flavor of energy that will fuel your desires and sense of purpose. 

The New Moon on the 17th encourages you to create a container for the creativity you are feeling so drawn to. What is worth holding onto? What is really standing out for you? What lights you up? What is resonating for you?

Journal, create a daily ritual, jot it down, and schedule it in. Let it take hold into the fabric of your being. It’s a time of planting seeds of what we wish to nourish in the days to come and ultimately flourish into an energetic work of art.

Frustration or procrastination can take over if you allow yourself to take it all too seriously. Stay in the energy of the present moment, and notice what resonates deeply for you, what elicits a sense of freedom and ease.

Knowledge becomes wisdom when you embody it.

Don’t be afraid to take up space and allow those inner desires to make their debut in your daily life. Put it on the calendar and take the time to do the things that bring you the most joy. Let your intuition guide you, let it feel easy, fun, and free. Most importantly, find a way to express it daily and tap into the abundance of opportunities surrounding you.


Lara Scriba
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