Have You Maxed Out Your “Living Life” Credit Card

By: Peggy Willms


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It would be a challenge to find someone who does not have a credit card or several. For many, the card sitting in the pain-in-the-ass flap of their wallet is maxed out. Others have a personal policy: “I use my card and pay it off monthly.”

Today, I ask, “Have you maxed out your Living Life credit card? What do I mean? Let’s go down a metaphoric lane. You know I love metaphors. We are going to metaphorically compare a “real” credit card to that of a credit card you were “handed” at birth—your existence on this planet credit card. We shall call it the Living Life card 

You were given a life “balance” from the second you were pushed into the light. Of course, with free will, your choices significantly affect the duration and balance of your Living Life credit card. For argument’s sake, let’s say the Universe launches you onto this planet with a $100,000 balance. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But how long will it last?

At age 21, you gain free rein to spend the balance on your Living Life credit card; however, there are a few stringent guidelines, or you risk losing the entire balance. You can only whip out your plastic for self-care. You get to choose what self-care means to you, but before the purchase is authorized, you must document the reason for your choice and the outcome of the purchase.

Some might argue purchasing a car improves self-care. Not worrying about how to get to work reduces anxiety, and you can sleep better. Others might purchase a monthly massage. You do you, Boo, but you must deem why it is self-care before the purchase.

As we age, we gain wisdom. Our experiences and choices make us wise, or so we hope. Yes, Sensei. Whether we have made a poor choice and ended up in jail or made wise choices and starred on Broadway, we learned lessons along the way. The wisest teachers continue to seek knowledge and unselfishly share it with others.

Therefore, as we stroll along the path of life, our Living Life credit card purchases shift. Proper nutrition, sleep, and a massage are critical at this stage of my life. Whereas at 22, I was running around Germany looking for the next tour bus to hop on. Healthy food, quality sleep, and a massage were not at the forefront.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the reward points. You heard me. We all know the Universe likes to pay us back when we properly care for ourselves. When using your Living Life bucks for self-care and making choices that positively impact the quality of your life, you receive kick-back rewards—100% reimbursement. The goal of the Living Life card is to maintain a balance and never max out your card. Oh, I forgot another rule (so I guess there are rules): if you do not use your card weekly, you lose $1,000. I know, right? A $52,000 annual hit if you are unwilling to put your quality of life on hold—a big ding for NOT caring for yourself. In just two years, you would max out your Living Life card and will stand over the trash can, cutting that puppy in half. Bam. Gone!

I am quite sure you see where I am headed now. If you don’t care for yourself, few others will. It is our responsibility to care for our heart, spirit, mind, and body BEFORE someone else has to. Sure, you can choose to smoke, sleep three hours a night, and never see a physician, but you are not setting yourself up for success. You are not honoring the vessel you were given. You are not respecting those around you who may have to care for you when your health declines.

As you approach this next week, think about what self-care means for you. It won’t be the same every week. It might mean $50 for a housekeeper so you can spend time with family and friends. Great. You get back the $50 you just spent on self-care, and your Living Life credit card balance remains unchanged. Or this week could look like this: up all night, slam down sugar, cancel the dentist, don’t call back your best friend, forget to take your blood pressure meds, and so on. After seven days, your balance will be $99,000. You lose money weekly if you do not care for yourself. Guys, this is what is happening. Sure, we are having fun with a little play money here, but in real life, you are playing with your health and happiness by not caring for yourself. You are losing. Conversely, every action you take to improve your self-care not only enhances your life but others also reap the benefits.

Are you willing to lose $1,000 on your Living Life credit card this week because you neglected self-care?

Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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