Insurance, Friend or Foe

By: Peggy Willms

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If the following piece of information is part of your common knowledge, you are one informed peep. June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day in the U.S. PAWLEEZE. For my international readers, hang on for the ride.

Let’s take a deep dive. But you know me. I gotta have some fun along the way.

In the recent trial of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard, of which I may or may not have streamed every second of the six-week trial and/or spent an hour or two catching up at the end of the day on TikTok recaps, did you know Amber’s attorney’s fees will mostly be covered by her insurance policy. WTH. No wonder that blondie from The Travelers Companies had a front-row seat for weeks.

And did you know “Switching to Geico could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?” “More” what? Effort? Time? Frustration? We assume money, but really?

By the way if you have Geico… get a policy now! I am telling you! I bet you didn’t know this. If you contract an STD in the back of a Chevy, you, too, can sue that negligent individual who didn’t disclose their medical condition to you. Yes, Geico is going to have to pay up. STOP! Yup. A chica in Missouri was just awarded 5.2 million dollars from the Geico. That lizard will have to work some overtime for free to cover this one. One helluva policy “rider” to have! I bet the gal is thrilled she didn’t go with Allstate.

Apparently, Geico is appealing it to the highest level, which I get. I mean how do you prove where you contract such unfortunate viruses? A Go Pro or drone? It makes me think, do homeowner’s insurance policies have this good of coverage? If so, whoa will this ever open the door – literally.

Back to Insurance Day. What and why?

I am the epitome of what one might call a Rabbit Hole Learner if there is such a term. I get an idea in my head, then I get all whacked out with laser determination to find as much quirky information as possible. This is all followed by a sudden urge to share it. My tangents are deep. The who, what, why, where, when, and how. It is pretty exhausting and rather annoying for anyone in my path. It annoys me, for damn sake.

Today is no exception.

I was dying to know where in the hell this Insurance Day thing all started, which made me think of Amber Heard’s crap which then took me to the Geico TikTok I saw this morning at the butt-crack of dawn when I couldn’t go outside cuz it was raining, and then I went to see what was up with this whole insurance thing as a whole – what covers what – are you kidding me – and like I then went down a trap of like whoa Ben Franklin wassup you started this life insurance thing way back in 1750s then it moved to fire insurance and then accident and then life insurance and then my emotions circled back to OMG because I then stumbled onto a massive gem in that over THREE THOUSAND years ago – are you shitting me…1750 B.C. all because peeps back then be thinking like heeeeey if the shipment doesn’t get across them there treacherous waters or if they are damaged, Homey G, you are paying me extra mullah…


Yes, I am well aware that whole paragraph was a run-on sentence said in one breath!

Before I get to the super great reasons for us to celebrate Insurance Day which I think we should make a national holiday – especially here in America; Home of Sue Each Other, I want to say one more thing then I have to go – this is extremely tiresome today, and it’s not even 8 a.m.

There is also an Insurance Nerd Day. Listen, if I had time to make all this crap up, I certainly would because, frankly NO ONE cracks me up like I crack myself up. But I am telling you, I didn’t drum this puppy up. Insurance Nerd Day has been on the books since 2016 and is celebrated on July 18th a whole three weeks after Insurance Day. I suspect that is so all of us can get all of our ducks in a row so we can go chit-chat with Jake at State Farm in his cutie-patootie khakis about what is and isn’t covered on our policies.

Holy *&% #$^*) it is raining so hard that Noah is loading the Arc.

Now let’s get down to business. If you haven’t figured it out – I love to leave you with at least a laugh or a tear and a tad bit of information you may not have known. It isn’t my job whether you retain it or ever use it again – now that is funny.

I am closing on a new house the end of the month. As you know, a swarm of insurance peeps fly in. Damn, they dress nice these days. I don’t know about you, but it is exhausting when you are not fully informed of a line of work. The language in real estate and insurance, I believe, is created to mesmerize and hypnotize us into just signing the bottom line. You get either numb from their monotone voice or pissed off because you have told them 83.6 million times that you do not need insect insurance.

You can get free quotes. Just block their calls after you make a decision – haaaaaaa. And we did play the game and reviewed several quotes. Thank God that is over until next year on Insurance Day.

I shall leave you with a gentle reminder. This month, take a peek at your current policies to determine what they genuinely cover and do not cover. Do you need additional riders or new policies? Might you cancel something you no longer need?

Trust me, there isn’t just one all-inclusive, simple policy these days. According to Forbes Advisor, there are about eight main types. Auto (and there are five sub-policies), Home (another five), Renters (have three there), Umbrella policies (lots), Health/Dental, Life, Disability, Long-term and Short-term…ugh.

Are there significant changes ahead that will influence the amount of insurance you will need? Having triplets? Has your family decreased in size? Your lovely daughter has married off, and now she is his problem. Yes!

If you are planning a few surgeries next year, you might want to look at a short-term disability policy.

Evaluate your current possessions. Have you purchased additional jewelry, a new car, or furniture, or gotten rid of items? Grandma?

Do you want to consider pet insurance or elderly-care insurance?

Here in Florida, flood and hurricane insurance aren’t the same, in case you didn’t know. In your state, you may find that is true as well.

Whether I excited you or caused you to grab an anxiety pill, I did what I came here to do. I dropped a blog at your doorstep.

Remember, friends, you might want to look into more than just home, life, accident, and medical insurance policies. You may want defamation or STD insurance to protect yourself. Sorry, I had to say it. I am trying to help ya here.

Peggy Willms
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