When The Universe Throws You A Curveball

By: Faith Pearce

(6 min read)

Sometimes things are rolling along smoothly and then you are thrown a curveball. That’s life, right?!

This is what happened to me. Last week I started a new job, and it was going great. Meeting my new team, customers, learning new things, and working varied shifts. I was moving more and feeling more energetic. I started a sugar detox (remember my blog from last week, The Monster Within), and I had been feeling the effects but didn’t think anything more of it. Detoxing can make you feel a bit off.

I felt achy, but I quickly blamed that on moving more due to the new job and because I had recently begun exercising again. My body temperature was a little cold/shivery, but I thought it was my sugar levels sorting themselves out. Why do I keep overindulging in sugar just to experience the aftermath? Sugar withdrawals can be relentless.

Roll on to Saturday, and I knew something really didn’t feel right. I started to shiver uncontrollably, and my throat started feeling a little tight. I thought maybe I’d picked up a bug. There is so much going around. But also, had a slight temperature. So, I took a lateral flow Covid test. I’ve done so many of them over the past two years, I thought let’s first rule out The big ‘C.’ Which is not the same as the Big ‘O’ from a different blog a few weeks ago. Lol.

Well, let’s just say, the answer was quickly revealed. I felt like I was waiting for a pregnancy test – except not as excited. And, instantly I saw two red lines…fantastic I thought sarcastically. I’ve literally just started a new job, and now I have contracted Covid! Working in a clinical setting, I knew I would need to self-isolate.

I thought seriously, Universe, what is the message here? Do I need to slow down or are you just keeping me on my toes? I have heard so many stories, I’ve been worried and scared of catching it. Being asthmatic, I was especially nervous. Covid is indiscriminate and unpredictable. Some get a mild case, others more severe. Some are very ill, improve a bit, only then decline again.

I’ve been vaccinated. I’m not opening up a discussion on that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It’s their body at the end of the day and their choice of what goes into it.

I immediately increased my supplements. I’ve always favored a more natural approach. I already take Vitamin D, so I added Vitamin C and zinc lozenges. My friend also suggested others I may want to consider.

Day 1 – I felt like I’d had the most intense leg workout session ever. Even my butt hurts walking up and down the stairs. My temperature was up to 39.1 (102 F). My throat was irritated, and my glands were swollen. And I became very tired.

Repeat lateral flow result: still positive.

Day 2 – My taste and smell disappeared. And my throat turned into sandpaper. My glands were really swelling up and the cough joined in. My voice became croaky, and the lack of sleep started getting to me. I was not the most fun to be near. I felt like a bear with a sore head. Everything ached. I am fed up, and I do not want anyone around including my cats who I adore. I don’t want to even be around myself. I quickly realize I need to lean on someone for help. I decided to sort out a food shop and have someone pick up cat litter as we were nearly out.

Repeat lateral flow result: still positive.

Day 3 – My temperature is a little more stable, but I felt more breathless when moving. My voice remained croaky, hot, and like razor blades cutting deeply when I swallowed. I still felt tired and irritable (yes, still). I struggled to get basic tasks done in the house, and it doesn’t help when you drop a large metal bin on your toe (OUCH!). I was so excited to have food delivered, but quickly remembered I could no longer smell or taste anything. I kept taking paracetamol every four hours and shaking/shivering as they wear off.

Repeat lateral flow result: still positive.

At this point, I am really starting to realize how much I do and how much other people don’t do! There is a saying that we teach people how to treat us. I have recognized I make it really easy for those around me. Often, I push through the tough times regardless of how I feel, and I am a bit frustrated when others see I am not doing well, then do not help even when they have been asked. AND I HATE TO ASK! I am also realizing how my boundaries have been pushed and will be re-established!

Day 4 – I slept better, and my temperature has stopped fluctuating. I felt more congested, and my throat was still tight and sore. I still had no taste or smell, but strangely I could tell the difference between sharp and sweet foods. There was hope! I had chili prawns, and my mouth was on fire yet, I tasted nothing. I realized that taste is actually only a very small part of eating for me. I could still feel the temperature. I could see the texture and visually how the food looked. With this observation, I realized there is a true experience when eating food if you slow down. Or if you are forced to, in my case. I am still tired and napping throughout the day. My muscles are no longer aching. There was a new symptom…when going to sleep, my ears were painful, and I felt a lot of pressure on my glands

Repeat lateral flow result: still positive.

Finally, we get to today, congratulations if you’ve made it this far. Day 5! This is where Covid gets weird. Most of the original symptoms have subsided, but I’m left with a headache that feels like there is a tight steel band strapped around it. There is a stabbing pain and pressure on my ears. I am still coughing and feel breathless even walking upstairs. And my sinuses hurt. I do feel clearer today. And I am less irritable which is always a step in the right direction. Today ends the self-isolation, but…

Repeat lateral flow result: still positive.

This experience has made me realize a few things. Last week I reflected on the monster inside, and yes, the symptoms I was having this week did align a bit with sugar withdrawal. However, maybe the monster was trying to tell me something more inside was off – and consuming more sugar wouldn’t help. Maybe he was trying to say my aches and pains weren’t just because I had exercised. Or he may have been trying to say my signs were frustration, not just sugar overload. He may have been telling me I have let my own boundaries slip and that perhaps my I am angry I have compromised myself a bit. Maybe the monster was telling me I was also getting sick.

This experience has reminded me that I can’t do everything myself, and it’s ok to ask for help even if it is uncomfortable to do so.

Lastly, I need to listen and connect to my body, and not push push push. I need to honor when I need to rest. If I had slowed down and tried to put it all together, perhaps my clarity would have allowed me to take action and recognize I wasn’t feeling well for more reasons than craving another yum yum.

So, although my Covid journey is still in progress. I am grateful for the opportunity to pause, reflect and see things from a slightly different perspective.


Faith Pearce 
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