By: Christine Hersom

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Have you ever had someone come into your life, and the encounter is life-changing?

As I have said in many of my past writings, I am a home daycare provider. I have been doing this for about twenty-five years. About three and a half years ago, a little girl came to my home daycare for the first time. I had no idea that meeting her would change my life forever.

Logan is this child. We met when she was about eighteen months old. She was the sweetest little girl with a vivacious personality. It was love at first sight. She had long, flowing curly locks and was the epitome of being “all girl.”

What I didn’t realize at the time was the profound love I would have for this little human. While she was very much a copy of one of Disney’s princesses, she was also sassy and wise beyond her years. Logan loved to dress up and have elegant hair. Yet, at the same time, she wouldn’t take any crap from any of the other children.

Sometimes I would see her fancy dress flopping up over her head while she wrestled with one of the boys. She never hesitated to step in if she felt they were being mean to someone. Many times, I had to break up the excitement. Following the bustles, Logan would stand up, fix her dress, and fluff her hair. She would always tell the boy in question that she would not put up with that behavior. It killed me every time. I would tell myself, “Don’t laugh because you are just encouraging her to behave like that.”

Every time I watched her adjust herself and put a scowl on her face for the boy… I would laugh.

As I watched her grow, I knew she would be the child that would leave a mark on my heart and soul. When she leaves for school, it will make me proud, but it will break my heart.

She has a heart the size of the world and loves everybody she meets. Every morning she greets me with the question, “Nonny, can I help you take care of the babies today?” She loves little children and spreads her sunshine and glow wherever she goes.

Little Miss Logan is now five years old. She is doing homeschooling Kindergarten with me. I have loved every second of watching her grasp her letters, numbers, and reading skills. Each morning when she arrives, I think to myself, “Enjoy this because before you know it, she will be gone.”

Yesterday we were exchanging Christmas gifts with each other, and I said, “Logan, before you know it, you won’t need Nonny anymore.” Being the sweetheart she is, she hugged me and said, “I will always need you, Nonny.” The teardrops leaked from my eyes.

I had to break up the tearjerker, so I told her, “You better come visit me. When you are sixteen years old and driving your flashy sports car…you had better drive to my home and introduce me to your boyfriend.”  She said, “Nonny, I will never have a yucky boyfriend, but I will come get you to race around in my car.” She kills me.

Her sass is legendary. Our pug barks every time the door opens. If Logan is here, you will hear her say, “Zorra, get a job.”

Whenever I have a hair appointment, she wants to go with me. She loves my hairdresser, and they have a beautiful friendship. When I tell her the appointment will be boring, she says, “Nonny, I need to see Kiley. She is my friend.” Yes, Kiley is her friend, but she needs to see Kiley because while my hair is processing, Kiley treats her to a full spa day. She washes her hair, blows it dry, and curls it for her. Miss Logan never misses a beat.

Logan is now five years old. She will be going to public school next Fall. I am drinking up the time I have left with her and privately wondering why I continue to do this job. The leaving hurts.

When my tears were flowing yesterday, she was so concerned. I told her they were a combination of happy and sad tears. She is growing up, and it makes me proud that I have been a part of that, but I will miss her. Miss Logan, full of sass, says, “Don’t worry, Nonny. You are getting old, so you will need me to take care of you later.”

God, I love this little girl!

Christine Marshall Hersom
All Things Wellness, LLC

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