More to Life

By: Michelle Lange 


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In the late hours of Friday, February 2nd, as I captured my thoughts so that I kept my intention to myself to write for 365 days this year, either personally or published, I found deep questions that need answers. Answers that will fill a soul and provide motivation to myself and those who are brought to this place of sharing.

Let me reveal the back thoughts of these questions. Are the experiences I am having relative only to the cancer side effects and conditions I face daily and nothing else, or is there more? If there is more, what is it? The next question just as deep as the previous, is the premise behind my writing.

What is the “More” to Life?

The Oxford dictionary defines more as the following (determiner): a greater or additional amount or degree of. “she poured herself more coffee.” As a pronoun, it is a greater or additional amount of something. “tell me more.” As I researched the phrase “More In Life,” some interesting questions arose.

  1. What is a word for wanting more in life?
  2. What is a better word for more?
  3. What is another way to say “in life?”
  4. What is another word for “make the most of life?”

What came from a simple question was a beautiful wordsmith that only a divine imagination of light could conjure up. This is what I discovered as I scrolled through the search.

More of those life fascinations are signatures to our soul languages that lift, encourage, and bring hope, love, and kindness. In today’s social media language, this brand of soul currency is limitless.

Let me give you an example of how the power of words in your thoughts can give you more in life and change your soul currency. I will refer to some of the words in relation to the phrases MORE ALIVE, MAKE THE MOST OF,  AND LIFE:

I am conscious of my get up and go verve to live for now.

I have a zest for living and growing a lifestyle full of life.

In my awakened consciousness my verve for life flourishes.

I relish in the love of who I have grown to be.

I am grateful for the verve of life that gives me courage.

I want you to be honest as you read these words: did you feel empowered, uplifted, or in a better place than before you started reading this blog? If you did, then my heart touched yours, and now you have a tool to experience you. For those of you who may be struggling to see yourself, know that it takes time and practice every day, and that is okay.

Here is my challenge to everyone. Grab a journal or book so you can find your words of expression and record them. The exercise is to find words that are positive and express you. Should that be difficult at first, I would suggest going online and entering those words into an online thesaurus and discovering the antonyms that are the opposites. With love for who you are, shift how you see yourself with words, one minute, one moment,  every day with emotional integrity to live into seeing your inside out.

To sum this up, we are all imperfectly perfect; however, there is hope. Keep reading …

You are a unique version of you
Full of greatness, love, joy, hope, and light.
You are an awakened soul unlike anyone else and
that is your beauty, always and forever.
Your path is matchless to anyone else’s, and only you have
the power to walk in that journey your way.
Celebrate your exceptional individuality.
Discover the exclusive expression in words of you.
Know that from a distance, someone believes in wherever you are now.

The more in life is finding the thoughts and words that bring a flow that creates a win every day to get through the hard, the rough, the JOY, and the CELEBRATIONS of life. The currency you risk is loving you, believing, and acting with the power of positive thoughts, words, and actions.


ME xxx 

Michelle Lange
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