Dare to Dream

By: Lara Dustin Scriba


(2 mins. read)

As we envision our future, it’s time to nestle the seeds of our dreams gently into the earth, releasing the illusion that we are alone in its divine manifestation, opening our hearts, and digging deep to find the courage to trust ourselves enough to follow the tendrils of intuition that will root themselves into reality.

This is a time to be patient and simply nurture and notice what elements offer the greatest benefit. Moderation is key, making small shifts and then quietly watching and waiting.

Which elements are depleting versus replenishing?

What blend of energies creates a state of flow and ease?

Slow down the desire for excess in any one area. Be mindful of your resources. Release the need for extremes or absolutes. 

Rather than swinging drastically from one polarity to the other, where can there be a sense of balance? Not a fixed point or sense of stagnation but a gentle ebb and flow of energy that brings life back into your being.

Release the need to cling to old stories or narratives that stagnate your growth. Our lived stories have created the capacity from which we work, not that we are indebted to for the rest of our lives. Remove the obstacles the mind has created by releasing the past.

Create space for you to envision a new future by fully embracing who you have already become.

Move with intention, but let the breath smooth out your cadence. Connecting to the core of your convictions, stoke the fire and let all the untruths burn away only to reveal your soul’s radiant, courageous, vibrant center.

Daydream, envision the impossible and impractical. Entertain their outcomes despite how irrelevant the ideas may seem. Let the mind wander, play, and simply be curious.

Making space for new insights and vantages as we lean into the energy, pause, and listen.

Do not be afraid, for when we let go of the gripping, we finally allow ourselves the opportunity to open our hands to receive, replenish, and reorient ourselves to the direction the soul wants us to go. Tapping into ecstatic bliss by embracing the eclectic essence of who you truly are.

Spaciousness allows for the expansion that is meant to happen, for the potentiality of your dreams to begin to take form. When we trust wholeheartedly that we are supported fully, we are invincible.

Curiosity provides the opportunity to be open to new teachers, paradigms, and perspectives, providing the possibility for flow.

Stay open. You do not have to claim it all as your own. It is like panning for gold, sifting, sorting, rinsing, and repeating until the gems reveal themselves.  

Each glimmer is a glimpse into where your path may lead should you find the faith to follow.

Steady and strong, building the foundations for your dreams to come to fruition. Creating a container to hold space for the seeds of your intuition to take root and guide your evolution.  

Lara Scriba
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC
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