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By: Cyndi Wilkins 

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The world works in mysterious ways. I am sure you have all heard that one before! Well, recently, I have been working with a group of like-minded souls in a developing intuition group. I have found it both enlightening and invigorating in terms of clearing the clutter that often litters my mind with all the craziness in the world today.

With all the distractions of everyday life, it is difficult to carve out those moments where one can just sit and reflect peacefully without being bombarded by the demands of a career, running a household, children and spouses needing attention. Let alone just being able to think straight!

That is why I treasure the peaceful moments I share with these amazing souls. It brings me back to a place of clarity and provides me with a sense of calm I find difficult to attain amid all the chaos and confusion.

One of the things I have learned in these quiet moments is that the universe is always listening…always waiting to lend us a hand if we would only shut up for a minute and get out of our own way.

Of course, when it answers, we need to be paying attention. It does not just knock on the front door and wait for us to get up off our butts and answer. It is subtle and easily missed if we are not “tuned in.”

This morning, I noticed an extremely annoying visual disturbance in my right eye that made it difficult for me to focus. My mind immediately raced to the fact that I had a terribly painful headache last night and went to bed early, hoping to sleep it off.

By morning, I did not have the headache anymore, but the visual thing was beginning to concern me. I have learned, however, that a surefire way to scare the hell out of yourself is to Google your symptoms. So, my mind screamed, “Step away from the computer!!”

In that moment, my attention was drawn to a newsletter called Bottom Line Health, which had just come in the mail. I kid you not. The answer was delivered by my friendly neighborhood postman!

How ironic is it that I was a letter carrier for fifteen years! See the connection? Never mind, I am reading too much into it.

Anyway, there it was, right in front of me, a huge eyeball with the headline: High Blood Pressure and Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (ION).

In other words, decreased blood flow to the optic nerve creates a visual disturbance in one eye. It was most likely caused by the medication I am on to control my blood pressure. Taking it at night when pressure lowers naturally leaves one at a higher risk of experiencing this.

Quick solution, try breathing into a paper bag for 10 minutes. This increases levels of carbon dioxide in the blood vessels to help unblock blood flow to the eye. I took an 81 mg aspirin for good measure and abracadabra; my vision was restored in ten minutes.

Of course, a follow-up with an ophthalmologist is recommended, but it sure helped to take the scare out of the situation. Lucky for me, I was paying attention when the answer did come knocking on my front door…Thank you, Stewart, the mail carrier:)  

Cyndi Wilkins
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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