Spiritual Anorexia

By: Cyndi Wilkins


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 “Creation is born from a balance between
expansive freedom and working from within.

The magical and mysterious octopus
perfectly illustrates this balance.”

The mighty octopus is an incredible creature of high intelligence with an amazing gift of camouflage. Many cultures across the globe associate the octopus with magical powers as it may enter your awareness to awaken you, and this has certainly been a period of “Great Spiritual Awakening” for many. If you have not seen the documentary, “My Octopus Teacher,” I highly recommend it!

This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to take the time to reflect upon the next chapter in their own lives. The storyline will be different for everyone, of course. We are all directors of our own play. Choose your characters wisely as you set the stage. Decide for yourself what is important for you.

Move beneath the surface and dig deeper. After you diagnose what you may or may not be willing to live with, pave a new path by seeking alternatives. Modify the negative dynamics of any experience in your life by shifting perceptions and asking yourself~ What can I learn from this?

If you continually just play the odds in life, you are not an active participant in your own play. You are merely sleepwalking. An extra just “waiting in the wings.” Here is your chance to get in the game. Stop taking everything at face value. Ask questions and think for yourself. Sometimes it takes a wrecking ball to pave the way to something new.

Theoretically speaking, we are a nation of the starving, suffering from a severe case of “spiritual anorexia.” We try in vain to divert our attention away from our own serious and persistent mental imbalances instead of taking a good long look at ourselves from a spiritual perspective.

Please do not misinterpret my meaning. I am not referring to the biological causes of mental illness. That is a serious and altogether different subject deserving of its own attention. Here, I am referring to the ailing human spirit, where finding a balance in our emotional state to improve upon our physical, mental, and spiritual health is paramount.

We are so focused on our outer world by constantly attempting to fill the void with work, excessive spending, alcohol, drugs, multiple partners, idiotic political games, and/or meeting the expectations of others that we lose sight of our own inner self-worth.

We continually make excuses and surrender our dreams, choices, traumas/dramas, and struggles in relationships to what we call fate instead of taking charge of our own lives.

Turning points for interventions are the times in our lives when we are faced with a “challenge of faith.” Be it an illness or situation we perceive as insurmountable, these are the opportunities to reach for something more. To become someone better than we were before.

Living with a sense of purpose requires great inner strength. Sometimes we sleepwalking humans need moments of being alarmed enough to awaken to the changes necessary to move forward on our path. An existential crisis, for example, or threat thereof, can rock us to the core and shake us from our complacency. It creates a crack in that outer shell to allow us the vulnerability required for deep healing and insight to occur.

Now we are better able to arrive at our own truth about the things that are of the most concern to us by being more acutely aware and tuned in to our own natural senses. The world has more than its fair share of unscrupulous people, and you have come too far to be taken advantage of by the deceitful. Before engaging in any situation, first ask yourself, what is your intuition telling you?


Cyndi Wilkins
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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