The Art of Creation

By: Cyndi Wilkins 

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The truest sign of intelligence is not in knowledge, but rather the imagination…

-Albert Einstein

The imagination. What exactly is it, and where does it reside? My best guess is that it lurks somewhere within the intangible realms of the subconscious mind. A vague and dream-like state, undefined by evidence of its physical existence. Only when we transfer or transmit the inner images of our subconscious mind through physical expression are we able to bring them to life within our conscious realm?

Within the subconscious lies an intricate network of memories woven together in a beautiful tapestry of all lives (or memories) combined. The “collective mind” is the manifestation of this infinite matrix through which we are all connected. It is here that we can communicate with our collective wisdom using our lovely God-given gift of the imagination.

This is what we do when we are channeling. We are essentially “tapping” into and transferring information from one realm of existence to another. The more we practice honing our natural ability to channel, the clearer these realms become, and we realize they all co-exist as one and are just as real as the life we live now. Wicked cool, huh? In case you were wondering, I am channeling this energy right now, making it real through the creative expression of writing.

Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it…Match the frequency of the reality you want,

and you cannot help but create it; This is not philosophy, this is physics.

-Albert Einstein

Yes, I am quoting him again. He is a genius. I say “is” because he still exists in another realm. The whole concept of the energetic realms of the mind being a portal between worlds is the evolutionary leap we are all here to manifest. To free ourselves from the womb of the physical body and trust in our own innate ability to fly. That is, of course, while we are still inhabiting a physical body.

This reminds me of the old Mr. Peabody and Sherman cartoons… “Come on, Sherman, let’s jump into the ‘ole way-back machine and visit another time and place!” Sounds cool, right? So how do we do that?

Consider that the mind can reach far beyond time and space and touch your dreams. You don’t need a time machine. All you need is a little imagination, and a mind to manifest it. 

Interesting thing the mind is. You cannot point to it. You cannot see it or touch it. So how do we know it is real? Have you ever experienced hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, seeing the colors, or feeling the touch of another within a dream that you could still sense upon awakening? That is your body communicating to you that the sensations you are experiencing are, in fact, quite real… If only they last but a fleeting moment.

We are all natural channels, especially when we are asleep. Those alpha/theta brain waves are the most common ground through which our creative energies are free to soar. I love dabbling here. There is so much to “see” if we could just open our eyes and broaden our perspective a bit. I’d like to share with you one of my favorite experiences of these amazing realms of the mind. I hope it inspires you to explore yours.

Being curious about life sparks creativity;

Using your imagination cultivates your dreams…They are forever yours.

Edgar Cayce

I am feeling the sensation of being gently lifted by some unseen force that approaches me from behind. He is speaking softly as he wraps his energy around me like a warm blanket. “I’ve got you,” he whispers, and we are off. A cool rush of wind caresses my face as I feel my hair dancing around in the breeze. I forgot to use my “super hold” hair spray this evening!

“This is soooo awesome!” I am squirming in his arms, trying to take in all that is flying past us in a rush of color and stars. He is talking to me, but I am too enthralled by my visual stimulation to really concentrate on what he is saying.

“Slow down,” I plead with him, “I want to see all of this!” Eventually, we begin our descent into what I can only describe as a room full of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. 

Amazing paintings adorn the walls. They are rich with vibrant earthly tones appearing in living color. I am surrounded by figures and statues made of the most brilliant white marble with oscillating hues. I am in awe.

He places me gently in what I feel to be a chair, however, I do not see one. He glides by me to the left and sits directly across from me, smiling wide.

“I am so excited to finally meet you face to face!” he says. His hair is a beautiful shade of bright auburn, wildly tossed about on his head. I see the ocean in his bright blue eyes and cannot help but stare. “You know,” I manage, “You look a bit like Ed Sheeran.” 

“I believe you find Ed Sheeran quite a talented musician and, dare I say, a bit sexy?” His smile is even wider now as if that is possible! I must admit, I do find him strangely handsome. 

“You said you were happy to meet me,” I continue, “Who are you?” 

“I am E.” He is looking directly into my eyes. E? (I am thinking) As in the letter? Why not U? 

He smiles wickedly.” Okay, how about U.”  Yikes… a mind reader! No, no, E is fine…U would be too confusing! 

What is this place, I wonder? Again, he hears my thoughts. “This is you.” Argh… Do you mean U as in the letter? I sigh. “No,” he says. “It is you, as in your creativity.”

“All of this is me?” My voice is squealing with excitement. E slides closer, “Made of you by you.”  I can see the crashing of the waves in his eyes. “There is more,” he whispers.” If you choose it.” 

I am drawn into him and suddenly find myself swimming in his ocean. Yes, I think… I want more of this.

My eyes open slowly, and I am back in my room. It is dark and still. I feel his energy surging through my body. The thought occurs to me. How do I translate this to a belief system that refuses to acknowledge its existence? A distant voice echoes from the depths of the ocean….” Use your imagination.”

This article was inspired by the writings of Mary Ellen Carter, Henry Reed, Noel Langley, and Harmon Hartzell Bro, Ph.D. of the Edgar Cayce Readings…

And, of course, my favorite genius Sir Albert Einstein.  

Cyndi Wilkins
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