The Policeman

By: Peggy Willms

(4 min read) 

Beach towel, bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, water, and of course, coffee. I am packed and ready to head to the beach.

With my backpack in tow, I am sporting my bathing suit, straw hat, and prescription sunglasses (the sexy had to stop at some point). The birds sang, and the ground smelled of dew. As I headed down the boardwalk toward my new favorite beach, I saw a 40-ish-year-old male standing stoically at its entrance. As I got closer, I realized it was a police officer. With my inability to keep my mouth shut, I told him that he had a pretty cool stakeout site. He responded with, “There was an incident.” Geez, he acted like he worked for Buckingham Palace.

However, I immediately thought of a vision I had only an hour earlier. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know I have a bit of intuition and crazy, colorful dreams. They’ve always been a part of my life. Someday, I’ll have to share with you three of my reoccurring dreams. Let’s just say one is about a cotton plantation, and two others are about death (both mine). Oooh, enticing!

So as I was saying, about an hour before arriving at the beach, I was brewing a fresh cup of coffee because I go nowhere without my brew. I was overwhelmed with a gut feeling that it was too early to go down to the beach. I grabbed my phone to see what time sunrise was. It had 30 minutes to wait. I took a deep breath, grabbed my coffee mug and a protein bar, and sat on the couch to wait it out. For safety reasons, my intuition told me to wait until sunup.

The location where we’re staying is extremely safe. I’ve yet to hear of one crime incident, but my inner voice told me I didn’t want to be the first. I do not get super emotional or over-excited with my dreams or visions. I just sit back in them and try to analyze what they tell me. But, of course, as I’ve aged, I have learned to respect them, take them to heart, and react accordingly. I knew, in this case, I needed to listen. We walk the beach most every day, but I hadn’t been there before dawn. Several months ago, we moved into this hotel as our house is still being remodeled from hurricane damage.As I finished my coffee, I stood gazing out of our fourth-floor window staring at the full moon. I thought about how cool it was that I get to watch the moon, and in less than an hour, I would be sitting on the beach watching the sunrise.

Back to the policeman. Any time I have had these visions or gut punches, at least the ones I recognize, they have come true. I have had visions of an accident miles and miles ahead of us as we were driving down the interstate. And there it was. I have seen a boat flip just before I saw the boat actually flip. I can tell when someone will call and even what job or opportunity a person will have. Shoot, my higher self even yells at me, telling me to get off a medication that was causing all of my joint pain. I tossed out the statins, and bam, I was healed. I see numbers, and they talk to me, too…616 means to call my oldest son to see if he is okay, 1111 means I am on the right path and aligned with my purpose, and 444 is the number I associate with my profession.

The bottom line is that I listen. And I don’t get worked up if I have to pivot. I am one of those passengers that a road rage driver needs sitting next to them at all times. I never lose my mind in slow traffic, with dumb drivers or other delays. I just take a deep breath and realize there is a reason something is jumping into my timeline, and it’s likely protecting me from something bad.

Once I passed the officer, I headed toward my private sandbar. The salty liquid pooled over my bare feet as I walked along the water’s edge. I love that feeling. Before long, I realized there were only five humans on a mile-long beach, except for the fishermen. Today, there were seven men and one woman. They take their job very seriously.

As I found my spot, I spent the next three hours with mother nature staring at her ebbs and flows, watching birds, and swimming. As more and more people joined me on the beach, I realized that most of them were women, reassuring me that they also felt safe. I thought back to the policeman again. If I had been 30 minutes earlier, would I have been a part of that incident? What was that incident? It didn’t really matter. I was alive and well.

At that moment, I thanked my intuition messenger for sending me a message. Living in fear isn’t my gig, and I am grateful the man in blue was doing his job and was there to protect us.

As I headed back to the hotel with another gorgeous morning under my belt, I gave myself a pat on the back for listening to my gut. I’ll head back tomorrow to see what other adventures await me.

Peggy Willms
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