Word Doodling

By: Michelle Lange 


(1 min. read)

When I lose the traction of life amidst the afflictions and adversity, I find you.

There is hope and light for me on the other side of …

Words empower and enthrall me daily to move my vibration to a better state.

With mindful intention, I see, understand, and accept where I am.

I am at the edge of a stress response that hurts from you yesterdays in the now.

I complete this cycle with possible creative movement that fills my soul with deep breathing rest.

I get curious to leave behind the fear and dread.

I won’t delete my voice like a bygone year because my vision and purpose count on the vision of moving forward.

Forward to the beat of my rhythm, the beat of my drum.

Not the humdrum but the drum of engaged excitement that fully embodies that mindful intent to breathe and respond honestly in the moment, creating a spectacular life moment just to be ME.

Mindful Expression – being present to self and sharing who you are authentically.

Motivational Exuberance – living and loving life. To discover with curiosity light on the other side of sad and hard.

Meaningful moments that don’t die in the sunsets carried in the knapsack of life, reborn in the afflictions to resolve adversity to become on the other side of the storm,  resilience, LOVE received and given, HOPE grown, JOY & PASSION amplified.

Michelle Lange
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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