Unicorns in Training

By: Peggy Willms 


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I have been associated with unicorns for years now. Don’t get me started on how many mugs, shirts, pins, baking utensils, pens, sticky notes, and other collectibles I have. About 90% are gifts from family, friends, and clients. My association with riding, raising, and naming my unicorns evolved from my approach to life.

While bloody knuckling through distressing experiences, as we all have, I quickly realized my chosen (yes, chosen) approach and attitude was what would carry me through the depths of pain and bolt me over challenging obstacles. No one else is responsible for lifting my spirits or ensuring my earthly experiences are enjoyable. It is up to me.

Unintentionally, I began imagining and channeling the spirit of a colorful unicorn. I asked myself, “How would they approach reality and the obstacles thrown at them?” In no time, I was drawing up their energetic, whimsical vibe and nearly instantaneously tackling any resistance in my path.

About six years ago, my youngest son got really frustrated with my approach to life. He is my empath; let’s start there. One day, he called me very upset and began venting. I took my standard approach, trying to make him feel better by offering advice on approaching the situation positively and assessing what he learned and might do differently next time. After a few minutes, he said, “Why do you have to ride unicorns and be positive all the time? Can’t you just acknowledge life is shitty sometimes?” He stopped me in my tracks. I took a deep breath and replied, “Sorry, I didn’t acknowledge how you feel. But over the years, I had to develop healthy coping skills and drawing up a unicorn reminded me to feel the feels yet create positive solutions. As your mom, I am here to be your rock, support you, and help you feel better, not worse when you hang up.”

Quickly, I began asking myself, “Why? Why do I ride unicorns, slide down rainbows, and lick frosting off cupcakes?”

And here it is.

Firstly, unicorns physically celebrate uniqueness. We cannot ignore the horn protruding out of their head. We are all unique, special, and majestic, just as this mythical creature is. This uniqueness resonates with individuals who appreciate their own individuality and value being different from the crowd. Perhaps, for me, it is the nostalgia and reminder of the innocence of childhood and a time when others accept your worldly dreams, imagination, and fantasy. Unicorns are mythical creatures associated with purity, beauty, grace, imagination, strength, and creativity. They are symbols of positivity, hope, and wonder, which is appealing in a world that sometimes feels mundane, frustrating, and full of fear. They spark imagination by tapping into a sense of whimsy and fantasy. They represent a world of magic and possibilities. Let’s not forget their aesthetic charm. How can you be negative when faced with a vast palette of bright colors and sparkles? They exude infectious positivity through acts of kindness, encouragement, and support.

Their symbolic meaning and representation are associated with positivity, happiness, and good fortune. They bring me joy because of their symbolism, association with imagination and fantasy, uniqueness, nostalgia, aesthetics, and positive connotations.

As a side note, I just realized a few things while writing this blog for you…

My name is Peggy (duh). Pegasus is a nickname I have had by many.

Per Wikipedia: In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a winged horse usually depicted as a white stallion. He was sired by Poseidon in his role as horse-god and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. Pegasus was the brother of Chrysaor, and both were born when Perseus decapitated their mother.

Pegasus was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon with the help of Athena (I have always channeled Athena as my Inner Beast/Superpower. I have her helmet and sword in my office. What are the odds of that?). Pegasus allowed Bellerophon to ride him, but he later fell from Pegasus’s back while trying to reach Mount Olympus. Both Pegasus and Bellerophon were said to have died at the hands of Zeus for trying to reach Olympus. Other tales have Zeus bringing Pegasus to Olympus to carry his thunderbolts.

I mean, come on, son, why wouldn’t I channel unicorns with connections to Pegasus and Athena?

In all seriousness, and most importantly to me, unicorns find the silver lining in everything and everyone, which allows me to focus on the good in the world and the infinite strength to climb “Mount Olympus.” 

Being positive is a choice we can make every minute of every day. Now, I must head out to the barn. Blondie is about ready to give birth to her new baby. I shall call him Pegasus.

Let’s face it: there are never too many unicorns in the stable. 

Peggy Willms
All Things Wellness, LLC

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