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I am Ziggy Salvation, and I invite you in my quest of Searching for Sanctuary. This has been some time coming, and because of self-procrastination, I’ve concluded that enough is enough and just get writing. Much of my writings and passages will be that of observance of those I interact with, both in the real world and those I interact with via Online Gaming Adventures. I feel that a lot of people have a major misconception about those so distinctly involved with the gaming world, whereas, for me, it’s been a tremendous part of it.

You see, growing up, I was the husky, asthmatic, and allergic kid. I did my best to keep up with the other kids in the neighborhood, but on days of an allergy attack or my asthma keeping me down, I always had a computer or a video game console to have friends over to play with. Video games from a young age became a core part of helping me become who I am and find a passion that’s been with me since such a young age.

When I was in the first grade, I was dubbed by my teacher as a “Social Animal,” and I’ve been able to satiate that craving for social interaction with the things I love to do. Whether it be going on a day adventure with my family to Legoland or a new city to see some attractions we find online. Working behind my second most comfortable place is behind my barber chair. One haircut at a time, my role might be that of a comic relief or a therapist. My most comfortable social place is the world of online video games. In gaming, you can take on the role of anything, from a mechanic to people in a city that occasionally need repairs and paint jobs to a mighty and hulking Orc Warrior that carries two enormous weapons used to hack down mythical creatures of all sizes to prove your indomitable strength.

You see, my friends, all these things have one massive common element. Social interactions with people you don’t know and the opportunity to personally grow and learn. Being gifted with a surreal amount of empathy can create quite the juxtaposition. You see, on the one hand, I often find great joy in talking with people from all walks of life and learning their individual stories. But sometimes, you’re brought into an unintentional deep dive into the individual and share things you not only didn’t expect to hear but sometimes come across things you can’t help but take with you. That middle ground is where I find tools to help my personal wellness and growth.

In the last three years, a new avenue has come into my life…becoming a husband and father. Two of the greatest achievements of my entire life, hands down, There isn’t a number of customers whose hair I can cut, nor amount of enemies I can carve my way through to victory that can come even close to the joy and love I feel when spending time with my wonderful family.

I find that we humans have quite a lot in common with one of the simplest of creatures on the planet, The Chameleon. I feel that throughout our lives, we not only try to perfect our methods of survival, but we pick and choose our own methods to change color and blend in the best we can.

I’ve charged myself with the quest to have an open dialogue between myself and all of you who are kind enough to read my work. To express things from my day-to-day thoughts, interactions, and stories and discuss the instances that occurred. The variations will be wide-ranged for sure. I will always speak from the gut, and it may be crude or sometimes just plain out there, though I assure you, it will always be sincere.

For those of you readers out there, I may find myself jotting terms that reflect the gaming culture; I will do my best to catch these terms and explain them as they come flying out of my fingertips —for better understanding for all. This is why I called my Search for Sanctuary a quest. I feel that this life we live is a grand adventure, and the crossroads and oppositions we face can determine an outcome for ourselves to further our quests to charge on to the next level and keep growing, hone our personal skills, and chase the epic loot as a reward for each quest that we conquer.

Ziggy Salvation

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