By: Peggy Willms 


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We have all been there. You know when you feel connected, the energy flows, and execution is on point? It feels good, doesn’t it? Nothing stopping you now. Until…it does.

I have always believed in the Rollercoaster of Life. There are ups and downs and loopty loos. Good days—bad days. Ups—downs. Light—dark.

My last two days… Caution: Propagation Issues. Non-Automation Detected. H-I-C-C-U-P-S. Simply put, running into brick walls (break in codes) causes bruising, which isn’t fun. But I always find a way to hang on to that bucking bronco.

When you “level up,” you expect new learning, you dial in your patience, and you remember why you desire growth in the first place. Why level up when it feels so comfortable to remain stagnant or complacent? You know what you know, and the routine is so automatic it is effortless. For some reason, I am not designed to do just ‘be,’ and I have learned to embrace it, not fight it.

My mother passed away a few years ago. Rest her soul. One of the most consistent things I recall her saying is, “Why are you doing this and now that? You are always doing so much.” My interpretation was that I was “enough” just the way I was. I didn’t need to do more or try this and that. Stop being diverse; just be. Again, my interpretation. Staying still is like trying to breathe with a pillow over my head or being held under water while gasping for air. 

I simply can’t “be enough.”

I continue to learn, grow, pivot, morph, and roll with the punches. My sparks continually flicker, and my intuition is critical. Oh, and I KFG (which is an acronym for an inappropriate mental health tattoo on my wrist… keep *ucking going. Yes. I shall #KFG.

Where am I going with all this gibberish?

To continue growing and doing more, efficiency and automation become your best friends. As an entrepreneur, you cannot operate “manually,” and technology has allowed us to execute at rapid fire. Energy in motion. 

And here I am…

I have enough content in my head, office, and electronic devices to write enough books for a small library in a quaint little Hallmark town. And this last month, I leveled up again. Writing books, having a radio show, and working with the most amazing people globally is NOT enough. I must do more.

I moved into the digital download world a month ago while spinning all my other plates, and excitement grew. This portion of my business would allow me to get more content into the world and create an ever-green stream. Okay, so what is my problem?

Automation has a lot of power but often throws you a curve ball.

Again, as an entrepreneur, you cannot do it all. It requires money to make money and shape-shifting to keep things rolling along. That being said, it requires the help of other experts, marketers, website designers, etc. When you lean on others to hold your “baby” in their hands, there are often trust issues. Letting programmers into your website and hosting platform backends is damn-right scary. But you have to trust others. So, I have hung on for the ride.

And here I am…

Because my whole world revolves around relationships, I know who I can lean on, reach out to, and beg for help. This weekend proved why taking risks often delivers rewards.

After working with a lovely gal from India and one of the most remarkable Acts of Service love language people in my life, we should have me up and running in no time. Relationships! And automation! My energy and efforts shall flow again. I will continue to shine, level up, and deliver my experiences and knowledge to the world.

Because I like to spin everything positively, perhaps my business being shut down for a few days during the redesign, ceasing emails, and other processes forced me to sit back and let the experts do their thing. 

At any point, “automation” can halt—forcing you to halt. I shall soon be up and running and swallowing my passion pills in no time. For now, I will have a coffee, sit outside, stare at the lake, call my sons and sister…and breathe.


Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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