SOUL What Now

By: Patricia McNair


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SOUL What Now? Is a phrase given to me by Spirit two or three years ago, along with the colors and logo.   I felt it right away, like a knowing that it was part of my future work… I have tried it out a couple of different times on a couple of platforms, but it just did not feel right. So I cleared it back to its original energies and asked for it to come forward again when it was to be used for the  Divine Purpose intended. When I was talking with Ms. Peggy about doing a blog, BAM, it hit me! This was the purpose, reason for that phrase. That led to the life my blog was to take on.

HALO everyone, I hope you are well. I am Patricia McNair from Atlantic Canada. I am bursting on all levels to bring this adventure into reality! 

I am a mother, wife, and spark of the Loving Creator who chose to come here in Form and maintain my Open Connection with my Source. 

I own Divine Guidance Solutions. Focusing on the WHOLE Being

I am the Host of Divine Guidance with Patricia on Transformation Talk Network. 

You can view my show on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 9 am Pacific.

I have traveled this beautiful Earth by Divine Guidance and have been invited into many Traditional, Teaching, Counsel Circles to remember and share on many levels. I have been called upon for many Speaking events, always bringing my Whole Being to the table.

It has been a complete honor to be called to do so. 

I came here to create sacred space for ALL to consciously connect to their Whole Being. 

Spirit, Physical, Emotional, and Mental. Years ago, Spirit had me study for three years to become a Certified Life Skills Coach/Facilitator. I majored in Spiritual and Family. With much of my own Life experiences, please trust me when I tell you that this was one of the hardest yet best things that I have done. This also trained me to be a bridge when I need to be there for someone who is sharing things that may trigger me deeply. I also gained a deeper realization of my Right and responsibility to become more mature with my feelings, thoughts, energies, and actions. As well as not to take on responsibility for one I am sharing Spirit with. To be kind, compassionate while standing in my Divine Holy Light and honoring my Whole Being.

We will connect and interact by touching the very fabric tapestry of the Universal Conscious Information fields. By weaving in and out of asking and receiving, together we will obtain what is truly our Divine Birthright, To KNOW, Remember ALL that We truly are.

As a Divine Being with conscious memory of much of my energetic, Soul, and Lifetime experiences [in and out of physical form], I’m a multi-dimensional open Channel with the Divine ability to tap into the Universal Conscious Informational Fields. Many times, bringing through that which Patricia does not know, nor do I need to. Receiving Pure Information works that WAY. No judgments, interference, or distortion from One requesting informational answers. I would like to add here that We are all multidimensional Beings, and being Conscious or not of many things does not make us Not. 

Are You aware of how Divine and Worthy you truly are?

Do you recognize your Divine Purpose?

Have you had glimpses of your beautiful gifts? But went, Nah, that cannot be real.

Is there a set life Cycle or Pattern that you need to realize and be able to Flow with?

Are there things that you just cannot let go of or release?

I am what Spirit shared: “A Born SEER.”  I have communicated with Spirit all my life, and I am close to 60 years young. I work with Integrity and Respect. I am not fond of labels or putting someone in a box. Lately, there have been many labels being shared regarding those who may not align with their Spiritual side—names like Normies Sleepers or even sheeple. I can tell you right now that certainly does not fly with me. The Soul journey that anyone on is completely between God/ Creator and them. Simple! It is not for me to label or judge anyone on that! How aware you are is based on many physical factors as well as your purpose of your Soul journey. I have had clients I was working with say, “My husband is so against me being Spiritual. He will never be a part of that with me.” Only for her husband to have a life-changing experience, step into his Soul journey, and pass her in knowing his gifts and putting himself into divine action. I never limit the Creator. I do not cross another’s dominion by my Knowing. 

I do share openly and honestly so as not to misguide or mislead anyone.

SOUL What NOW? has been created as a safe place for you to ask Your questions.

I will be Divinely Guided to request and receive Conscious Information to share and reply to in this Blog space. I look forward to receiving your questions. Set me into Divine Action and Motion.

Much Love,


Patricia McNaiar
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