By: Christine Hersom

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The iridescent glow came from the sun shining through the center of each bubble. They looked like Opals hanging in the sky. The wind carried them up and over the children’s heads. They climbed towards the sky, popping here and there. Every time one popped, little drops of soapy water would fall onto the lawn. They looked like raindrops.

The laughter coming from the children bubbled up into the air as high as the bubbles floated. The giggles and belly laughs were spontaneous and loud. There is nothing sweeter than the belly laughs of happy children.

The children blew bubbles into the sky for a while. Then they decided to decorate their heads and the surrounding fauna with bubbles. The little crowns of bubbles on their heads sparkled like diamonds. Every bubble crown was the same but different. With the different-sized bubble wands, the children decorated their play area. If the wind was soft, the bubbles laid with a gentle shake on their toys and made the entire area sparkle and shine. When the wind picked up, the bubbles blew into the air, and the children chased after them. It was a day full of running and laughter.

The joy of the children was better than on Christmas Day. Every bubble was like a present under the tree. The squeals and laughs give me a new lease on life. The Oohs and Aahs about the beauty of the bubbles make me come to life after a long winter of hibernation.

Playing outside after a long winter cooped up inside brings new life to the children. They run wild, laugh, climb, and yell their lungs out. No more inside voice for them.

The first bubbles blown bring instant delight. They squeal and laugh. The oohs and aahs make you feel like Michelangelo must have felt when people admired his art. The kids chase the bubbles and try to catch them. Whenever they touch a bubble, it pops. They laugh with delight and want more.

Bubbles bring instant joy to young and old. I now understand the use of bubbles at weddings, concerts, fairs, and parades.

When I was a child, bubbles were a reward for good behavior. I tried to always behave so that I could have my bottle of bubbles. I would spend hours outside blowing bubbles. I tried to make shapes and animals. When that failed, I moved on to decorating my toys. It is a memory that I still treasure today.

While blowing bubbles outside is the intended use. I will blow bubbles inside if the children are having a particularly cranky day. What better way to calm them down and make them smile? It’s easy to clean up…and let’s face it…floors, where lots of children roam can use the soap.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the world’s problems were solved with such ease? Fighting with your spouse? Get out the bubbles. Angry with your boss? Get out the bubbles. We should keep bubbles in our cars so when road rage strikes, we can ease the tension with…you guessed it, bubbles.

Often in life, the answer to all our problems and woes is unattainable. We spend long periods of time fretting about the past, present, and future. This is the time that we will never get back again. Did all the fretting help us? No. It’s time we cut loose and were free like the children. Running wild, laughing, hooting, and hollering sounds fun. I can feel the stress melting away writing about it.

Bubbles can’t solve all the world’s problems, but they can make us smile. With smiles comes less stress and better attitudes. Better attitudes could make us all get along better. They say that laughter is the best medicine. The world is very sick and could use a little laughter.

When all else fails in life…pull out the bubbles. The time spent blowing bubbles is worth never getting back. You get so much in return.

Christine Marshall Hersom
All Things Wellness, LLC

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