Getting to KNOW Yourself on a Deeper Level

By: Patricia McNair


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First off, I want to say “WOW” to the response to my 1st Blog!

I am floored by the well wishes and the heartfelt questions. This is a true indication that We are going to have a full-on awesome experience with this Blog. So Thank You!

Here are a couple of questions that lead to today’s Blog:

“I have been told by a couple psychics during readings that I am a Lightworker. At first, this excited me, and I felt oh Nice. Then there was a saddening because I have no idea what that means exactly. Can you give me some more information please, Patricia?”

Jessie, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I have been having a repeating dream for the last two years where I was all lit up and dancing on different colored lights. A few weeks ago I figured out I must be a Lightworker. Could this be real? Me? How does that happen? I have been praying to understand it all. When I saw that you were having this type of Blog, I figured, what the heck I’ll write in and see if Patricia will respond.”

Kati, Adelaide Australia

Here is what Spirit and I have as a response.

This is a TIME of pure Awakening where the slumber of the mundane Physical attribute to Being is no longer enough. As Earth in her Totality achieves and receives more of her Original design and KNOWING of her Divine Purpose- it opens the WAY for All upon her to have the Sacred ingredients of LOVE & Light to do the same. Many feel that they are here to save the earth. They comprehend all the destruction on the physical level. And this stirs the deeper connection to her and them. If you are here upon Mother Earth at this time and you do not harbor the want to do harm, control, or destroy then you are here for a positive reason. Simple enough! Perhaps this is also not your first rodeo here. Many have been here for each civilizational shift. Being here at THIS TIME indicates that you are definitely here for a specific purpose—both Physically and Souly. Let’s break it down just a bit – go just a nudge deeper. Let’s get to KNOW you on a deeper level.

It has been shown to me in my work that the hardest thing to do or accept in the physical is part of the Divine Gifts and Consciousness that One brings in in this lifetime. An example of this could be:  You are so connected to the dolphins. You don’t know why exactly, but your whole heart is Full of pure devotional love even when you see a picture of them. Listening to the joyful sound that they make echoes a KNOWING of pure bliss and understanding of something that you just cannot put your finger on. 

You are infuriated that they do not have the crystal-clear waters and the freedom to be, as you know, on a deep level that they so deserve. Why can’t people get it? They are so not as they are meant to be. They cannot share all that they are with us!

It is my knowing from asking the over soul of the dolphins what their purpose is – is that they were a divine gift from the Lyrans to Mother Earth of Pure Communication. Given when her grids were shut down and she did not have a voice to communicate directly with her Planetary Family. In and through the beautiful Dolphins, she could have this gift, and through her ascension, she now has Her own voice once again.

So, Divine Communication would be part of your gift. With that said you would be someone who would be very frustrated with anyone who did not communicate. Yet, having the divine gift of Communication would be the way to assist those who cannot communicate openly. 

My understanding of a Lightworker is one who can bring in, work with, or maintain and hold Divine Light in the Time upon this Plane and dimensions. One who does this actually is standing in Love as much as possible. As bringing Divine Love in is actually Lighting up areas that need it. Each Lightworker is connected to their own Light Being and will bring in the Divine Light along with their unique Gifts/Knowing. 

What Lights YOU up? What fills you with intense Love and makes you want to share that with every living Soul? That’s it! That’s your unique Lightwork!

When you know what “that” is …  call out to the Universe for the deeper Knowing of it. Write down things that come to you and ask questions about that… Feel the pure joy of your adventure to KNOW YOU on a deeper level.

Much Love & Appreciation



SOUL What NOW? has been created as a safe place for you to ask Your questions. 

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Patricia McNaiar
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