My Love, Loved by All

By: Peggy Willms

(2 min read)

Smoothly shaven to perfection.

Chiseled cheekbones invite a gentle swipe of my hungry fingers.

My desire lingers.

Forbidden love, stop beating me.

You are warm. Not but a few dislike your love.

Your temptation sits within my weak heart.

I long to hold you to engulf your curvaceousness between my palms, if only for minutes.

Do you behold such desires for me? I think not.

Fear illuminates my thoughts from your worshiped features. Lovely creature.

You’ve devoured my already battered heart and caused turmoil within my mind.

Why do we love your kind?

Are you aware of your sacredness, your lure so demure?

Spinning recklessly; yet mesmerized. Such an expense you are.

Festering guilt left behind in your absence. Why do you make me love yet to hate our bond?

It’s your fault, not mine.

Knowing the outcome doesn’t stop our never-ending journeys.

Great resistance relinquished as I once again surrender to your richness. You knew I would.

Behold my contagious comfort for I have you now. I am in control. You feel so good. We relax.

Slow movement erupts. Two layers before I see your deliciousness. Your jacket and pressed shirt slide from your graceful body. An explicit site in view.

Deep inhalation. Oh, precious creation. Fascination. Now elation.

Melting on my anxious fingers and fiery tongue, let’s not quarrel again. We are one now – inseparable. Gelled.

Floating courageously on the bumpy Red Sea. Your juices roll off my powerful mountainous edges. Slithering down this welcoming Valley. Into my bloodstream absorbed. Tumultuously pulsating my hungered blood sugars. Intensified craving filled.

So quickly it’s over. I’m alone. Again. Where have you gone? You always desert me.

Your once protective wrappings now crumpled and tossed out with today’s trash; unwanted black jacket and your silver shirt, too. Out of sight, yet heavy on my mind.

Your memory not nearly as tasteful as your recent presence. Further you fade until as my aches are answered.

You have soothed my empty, weary soul. I am whole. For now.

You faithfully banished my returning angst. Every time.

Farewell, Hershey bar love of mine, although just for a short time before we binge once more.

Peggy Willms
                                                                     All Things Wellness, LLC

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